Are cryptocurrencies the future of money or just fringe players?

The Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill, 2021 is among the list of bills to be presented in this Parliament session. While its contents are unknown, it touches upon two things:

1. Initiating laws to make it easier for RBI to create its own CBDC (central bank digital currency)

2. Banning 'private crypto assets' with some exceptions We laud the government's intent towards creating a CBDC. Several central banks around the world have been working on CBDC, and India can't be sitting on the sidelines while other countries experiment and launch their own digital currency. CBDC will reduce the cost of providing financial services and lead to greater innovations that will empower faster business operations globally.

Job market continues to improve; IT, agro industries leaders: Monster

The job market continues to improve sequentially across the country and job postings in some industries have improved, with some doing even better than the pre-Covid levels, led by IT, agro-based sectors, according to a report. In comparison to January 2020, job postings in some industries have improved, according to Monster Employment Index, by - a Quess Company.
Agro-based industries and media and entertainment have grown by 15 per cent and 2 per cent, respectively, in January 2021 compared to the same time last year. Telecom and ISP (internet service provider) job postings have become stable, indicating a 0 percent change compared to January 2020. However, telecom roles have witnessed a 13 per cent increase in postings in the last three months, it added.

Surviving COVID: Businesses need to think on their feet; revisit strategies

Humankind is now facing a global crisis that has not just health, but also economic and geopolitical ramifications. Such extraordinary times require that people and governments take quick and decisive measures that are critical - while being cognizant of long-term consequences of these choices on personal freedom, democracy, and humanity as a whole.
The early months of the pandemic led countries to close borders and turn inwards - largely due to the inability of governments to collaborate, share information, data as well as insights, and learn from each other. World over, the pandemic wreaked havoc on economic activity, significantly impacting both industry and employment alike.
Despite these adversities, the collective human spirit to overcome all odds ensured that the setback was temporary. The easing of lockdowns resulted in almost immediate start of economic healing. The exemplary efforts by our scientific community in developing vaccines in record time will further accelerate the recovery process.